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Reginald invites you to stake your ADA with the Cardinos! Reginald and the Cardinos gang have set up a stake pool to help you make money from your ADA. It is a little known secret that you can delegate your ADA to help with the Blockchain and earn rewards at the same time. By delegating with us you share in the rewards everytime we mint a Block from our stake pool on the ADA Blockchain. The more you delegate the greater your share!

Did you know even if you keep your ADA in an exchange they will be staking it for you? They will stake all of your ADA for you automatically and keep all the rewards. If you stake with a Stake Pool you will be given your fair share of rewards rather than the exchange keeping it all...
Why Stake With Reginald?
  • Don't leave your ADA in an exchange while they take your rewards!
  • The first 100 Delegates* to Reginald will receive a Reginald's founders NFT!
  • Regular drops of 100% Exclusive Dino NFT's for continued support!
  • Earn ADA from your ADA!
  • Multiple Private and Public Relays hosted across the world meaning we will never miss a block.
  • You are free to spend your ADA at any time - it is NOT locked up when you delegate!
How to Stake?

*To qualify for delegator NFT's min delegation 4 epochs and 200ADA delegated.
  • Is my ADA safe?
    Your ADA will never leave your wallet. You can spend it at any time. And un-delegate at anytime.

  • How do I claim my Founders NFT?
    Your NFT will be automatically airdropped to you once we have reached the 100 qualifying delegation threshold.

  • How much can I make delegating?
    By delegating your ADA you will make approximately 5% per year. FOR FREE. Don't let an exchange keep your staking rewards!

  • Is there a fee to delegate?
    There is a 2 ADA delegation fee (charged by the blockchain) to begin delegation - after that delegation is completely free!