Seadinos have invaded Cardano!

4,444 algorithmically created Dino NFTs on the Cardano blockchain to Collect, Trade and Show off!


About Cardinos

Cardino's were born from a late night conversation about how simply awesome Dinosaurs and NFT's are. Since then we have worked tirelessly to create 10,000 of the coolest looking unique Dinosaur NFT's on the ADA (Cardano) blockchain for you. Our Dino NFT's are online trading cards. Every dino NFT is unique with a different rarity. Who will be the first to collect all our different varieties of dinosaurs?

Roadmap to Apocalypse

Not just 1 series of Cardinos! We have special editions for the Skydinos as well as Seadinos before the Apocalypse hits!

What's an NFT?

A Non-fungible Token. A unique one of a kind token living on blockchain forever that can never be edited or replaced.

Why Cardinos?

I mean lets face it. Dinosaurs are awesome. Roar.

What's Cardano?

Cardano is the blockchain we mint our CarDinos on. At CarDino's we believe in Cardano as the future for blockchain NFT's

Enjoy your Dinos!

Once the initial sale is over CarDino's will be able to bought and sold on our platform along with upcoming Cardano Markets.

How much?

We will be announcing details of our intial sale and prices shortly.

The Team

Cardino's is brought to you by NFT veterans LegionOfBrad, przcntn, and artist Maad Frog.